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Inspector General

Rockville MD

The Montgomery County Inspector General leads the County’s independent Office of the Inspector General, which was established in 1997. The primary purpose of the Inspector General is to enhance the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of County government, including the independent County agencies (see Montgomery County Code, §2-151). The County has a $5.7 billion operating budget, a $4.4 billion capital improvements program, and more than one million county residents (see

While appointed by and answerable to the County Council, the Inspector General is responsible for cultivating the relationships and mutual trust required to work effectively with all County leadership, departments, agencies, and constituencies. Specifically, the Inspector General provides both the Montgomery County Council and the Montgomery County Executive with the products required – in terms of independent audit, investigative, and inspection reports – to increase legal, fiscal, and ethical accountability, to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse, and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of County programs and operations. The Inspector General also coordinates and cooperates with those County entities similarly chartered, including the legislative branch’s Office of Legislative Oversight and the Executive branch’s internal audit function.

In developing recommendations, the Inspector General may: (a) conduct investigations, budgetary analyses, and financial, management, or performance audits and similar reviews; and
(b) seek assistance from any other government agency or private party, or undertake any project jointly with any other governmental agency or private body. By law, the Inspector General is entitled to, and each department or office in County government and each independent County agency must promptly give the Inspector General, any document or other information concerning its operations, budget, or programs that the Inspector General requests. If the Inspector General does not receive all necessary information, the IG may issue a subpoena. The Inspector General may administer an oath or affirmation or take an affidavit from any person as necessary to perform the IG’s duties. The Inspector General should comply with applicable generally accepted government auditing standards and other standards for Offices of Inspectors General (including, e.g., “Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General,” May 2001, issued by the Association of Inspectors General). (see MCC §§2-151h & l)

The Inspector General is appointed by the Montgomery County Council to a statutory four-year term. An incumbent appointed to a full term may serve not more than two four-year terms. The Council expects to appoint an Inspector General for the remainder of the current un-expired term that ends on June 30, 2021. Upon completion of the remainder of the current term, the incumbent will be eligible to seek reappointment to two four-year terms.
Once appointed, the Inspector General may be removed by resolution adopted by affirmative vote of six Council members, following a public hearing if requested, for neglect of duty, malfeasance, conviction of a felony, or other good cause. (see MCC §§2-151b, c, e)

Subject to appropriation, the Inspector General appoints term employees to the staff of the Office of the Inspector General. The Inspector General may also retain project staff or other consultants by contract or, with the agreement of the head of any other government department or agency, temporarily detail an employee of that department or agency to the Office. (see MCC §2-151g)

No later than four months after appointment, the Inspector General must submit to the Council and the Executive a projected budget for the entire term. The Inspector General directs the activities of the Office in accordance with a work plan, which the Inspector General must adopt within six months of appointment. The Inspector General must submit by October 1 each year an annual report to the Council and the Executive on the activities of the Office and its major findings and recommendations during the previous fiscal year. (see MCC §§2-151f, i, k)
The total Fiscal Year 2019 Operating Budget for the Office is $1,140,590. Currently there are 6 full-time positions, including the Inspector General in the Office and a total of 7.0 workyears.

The Inspector General position has a salary range of $127,565 to $178,069. Benefits include comprehensive group insurance benefits, a defined contribution retirement plan, a deferred compensation plan, paid time off, and paid holidays.

The Inspector General must be professionally qualified, by experience and education, in auditing, government operations, budget and financial management, public policy, or law, and will be selected solely on the basis of professional ability and personal integrity, without regard to political affiliation. Graduation from an accredited college or university with a graduate or professional degree in a discipline related to the position, such as public or business administration, public policy, political science, criminal justice, accounting, financialmanagement, or program evaluation, is preferred. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted. (see MCC §2-151d)

Applications for the position of Inspector General will be reviewed by the five-member Inspector General Nominating Panel, which was appointed by the Council on March 5, 2019. The Nominating Panel may conduct interviews of qualified candidates in reaching its recommendations, and the Panel will forward the names of at least three final candidates to the Council for consideration. Each of the final candidates will be required to complete a financial disclosure statement.

Ranking: The Nominating Panel will consider the following five ranking factors in evaluating the professional experience, competencies, knowledge, skills, challenges faced, and accomplishments reflected in each application. To ensure full consideration, each candidate should submit, in addition to the application and resume, a narrative statement that describes their professional experience, competencies, knowledge, skills, challenges faced, and accomplishments for each of the five factors. The presentation of all five factors should total no more than five pages. In each narrative statement, each candidate should include key information that demonstrates each candidate’s level of responsibility and personal experience or expertise in the factor. In light of the hands-on nature and responsibilities of the position, each candidate should include specific, descriptive, documented, and measurable examples where possible.

1. Prioritize, plan, and execute audits, inspections, investigations, or evaluations of a wide range of government programs or activities, including identification of objectives, selection of appropriate methodologies given time and resource constraints, timely completion of planned work, results achieved, and knowledge of the standards applicable to the work.

2. Write reports (or sections of reports or other official documents) and assist other staff in developing reports to communicate the purpose, methods, findings, and recommendations to management officials or other audiences. Develop and implement communication plans or strategies related to disclosing and communicating information and reports to government and the public.

3. Develop and maintain relationships in order to effectively improve the functioning of government and orally communicate the results of work performed to a variety of audiences, including elected officials, the general public, and the press.

4. Knowledge of the functions and activities of the executive branch and legislative branch of County government and its independent government agencies, or capability to rapidly acquire such knowledge through varied job experiences in other government operations such as those of the federal, state, or municipal government.

5. Demonstrated ability to formulate a work plan; develop and apply human capital management strategies in order to recruit, organize, assemble and manage, mentor, and retain a multi-disciplined staff to execute the work plan; use existing resources creatively to meet existing responsibilities while responding to new demands and changing priorities; and monitor and plan to strategically assess, manage, hire, contract for, shape and potentially expand the staff of the Office of Inspector General based on existing and evolving needs and resources to strengthen its capacity and effectiveness to reflect the needs and requirements for accountability in the County government.

Submission: Applications must include: (a) an application form; (b) resume (no specified format); and (c) narrative statements addressing each ranking factor (five page total limit). Applicants may also submit a limited sample of authored or co-authored work products. Applications must be submitted on or before the closing date of April 30, 2019. Applications submitted through electronic means must be received by midnight of the closing date. Applications may be mailed, delivered, or e-mailed to:

Inspector General Nominating Panel

c/o Ms. Amanda Mihill

County Council Office

Council Office Building, 4th Floor

100 Maryland Avenue Rockville, MD 20850

Online Application

Applicants should contact Ms. Amanda Mihill at (240) 777-7815 to obtain application materials or for any additional information. Montgomery County is an EEO/Affirmative Action employer.


Posted April 4, 2019

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